Design Statement

Pride@Prejudice by Daniel Elihu Kramer is a unique spin on the classic Jane Austen book turned play Pride And Prejudice. Pride@Prejudice is a deconstruction of the book through a play like format where the plot of Pride And Prejudice unfolds before you, but with interjections and commentary from the actors on the actions that occur throughout the play. After reading through the play multiple times I decided to focus on keeping the feeling of watching Pride AND Prejudice and yet imbuing it with elements that would remind you that you are watching a modern day interpretation with 4th wall breaks. To achieve this, I primarily utilized classical music or music that would have been around at the time of the original play. However, there would be a mix of typical classical music along with references to modern adaptations of the book like the 2005 movie version. With these musical references the audience is keyed into the fact that they are not necessarily watching a typical telling of the story and yet are still transported into the world of the original play.

Preshow Music

For preshow I utilized classical music to establish the high class feel of the original play. I wanted to create a feeling of walking into a production of Pride And Prejudice only to surprise the audience once the show actually starts. A sample of the preshow music can be heard below.

Preshow Sample
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Jane Austen Letters

Throughout the show there are moments in which one of the actors becomes Jane Austen and writes out letters that were written by the author to various individuals. Each of these moments include underscoring to fit the mood of each specific letter. Each song used will be listed below.

Jane Austen Letter #1 Nocturne No.2 in E Flat Major
Jane Austen Letter #2 The Foggy Dew
Jane Austen Letter #3 Shepherd's Song (After Schafe können sicher weiden, BWV 20
Jane Austen Letter #4 Clair de Lune
Jane Austen Letter #5 So This Is Love
Jane Austen Letter #6 Raindrop

Preshow into the Prologue

For the transition from preshow into the very first scene I decided to use a cover of "Dawn" by Dario Marianelli. Dawn is the main theme for the 2005 movie adaptation of Pride And Prejudice. By using this song I am giving audience members the first clue that this will not be a typical production of the play. It is almost like the actors are putting on the production themselves and since they are all big fans of Jane Austen they probably chose to use this song because of their love of the movie.

Dawn Cover
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The Ball at Meryton Dance

For The Ball At Meryton scene there is a dance that occurs between Bingley and Jane when they first meet. I went ahead and used music that would fit this time period and had an upbeat like tone. I went ahead and used a version of the Swallow Tail Jig. This song fits the higher energy of the scene between Bingley and Jane.

Swallow Tail Jig
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