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"Technician by Trade, Performer at Heart."

Jacob Baxley


is a Sound Designer, Actor, Theatre Technician, and Creative from St. Louis Missouri. 

The first time Jacob did anything theatre related was when he was cast in a show during his final semester of high school. Ever since catching the Theatre bug he has been involved heavily in the theatre department at his college along with doing shows at local community theatres while at home. While initially starting out as a performer, he started to grow a fondness for sound and eventually started getting into sound design and audio engineering, designing shows at school and doing other things like starting a podcast with a good friend which he still does to this day.

Jacob is dedicated to putting his full heart and soul into every and all shows he works on, regardless of his position/role. He believes that no matter how small the role, it is always important to do your best work.

He recently graduated from Truman State University and will graduate with a BA degree in Theatre (Sound focus) and a BA degree in Psychology. He currently works as a freelance Sound Designer and Audio Engineer in the St. Louis area.

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